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Limitless Capacity with LinkOne MetroAir™

Utilizing the latest in Millimeter Wave Technology, LinkOne are delivering up to 10Gbps to any building within our MetroAir™ coverage.

LinkOne RegionAir™

Delivering high-speed connectivity to areas struggling on the copper networks of Australia

LinkOne RegionAir™ brings commercial grade internet available to areas struggling on the aging copper network. Beginning in East Melbourne, this network has since expanded throughout most of Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

RegionAir™ includes:

• 1:1 contention and 4:1 contention options

• <80ms latency guarantee

• Layer 2 and Layer 3 hand-off

• 99.95% uptime SLA with 8 hour and NBD on-site options

• Ethernet or SFP NTU Handoff

• 24/7 link monitoring

LinkOne MetroAir™

Connect to MetroAir™ to enable your customers Gigabit connectivity from the sky.

MetroAir™ utilises the latest MMW (millimeter-wave) technology to provide speeds from 500Mbps to 10Gbps throughout CBD locations of Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Gigabit services are now easily achievable for all partners and are capable as acting as both primary and redundant connectivity.

MetroAir™ is our platinum service and includes:

• MMW Point-to-Point technology

• 1:1 contention

• <10ms latency guarantee

• Layer 2 and Layer 3 hand-off

• 99.95% uptime SLA with 4 hour and 8 hours on-site options

• Ethernet, SFP or SFP+ NTU Handoff

• 24/7 link monitoring and support

LinkOne Protected

Utilising LinkOneAir™ combined with LinkOne terrestrial Fibre/Ethernet services, we will deliver a fully protected and physically diverse DR solution


Redundancy is becoming a more prominent focus for businesses that are moving their services to the cloud. With LinkOne Protected, we will deliver and manage a disaster recovery (DR) solution direct to your client to protect the company from potentially thousands in losses that would eventuate from a disaster scenario (connection failure).

Along with the last mile carrier and infrastructure redundant data services, LinkOne also manage the automatic failover process that will ensure the transition between primary and redundant connection’s in a DR situation.

LinkOne Protected includes:

• Dual carrier with physically diverse paths

• LinkOne managed fail-over with dual NTU

• LinkOne supplied and managed secondary connectivity via Copper or Fibre.  Available on carrier networks; Telstra, AAPT and Vocus.

• 24/7 link monitoring and support

LinkOne Communities

Managed In-building Broadband Solutions without bottlenecks.

LinkOne offer a range of in-building solutions for multi-tenanted opportunities. Whether it be apartment complexes, serviced offices, aged care facilities or even student accommodation, LinkOne have a solution that will suit the needs of both the partner and client.

LinkOne specialise in last mile technologies; Ethernet, VDSL and GPON.

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LinkOne Fibre Extension

LinkOne will fulfil the last mile through more cost effective infrastructure.

LinkOne appreciates that the last mile of a service can be expensive at times. Whether it comes down to infrastructure availability or haul distance, this can affect installation costs drastically.

With this in mind, LinkOne look to provide a range of offerings where we can project manage the last mile of your data connection to the client.

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