The latest network POP (Point of Presence) for LinkOne’s Brisbane CBD network looks to open up opportunity all the way to the horizon. Located in Hershel St, Brisbane, the transmission site delivers a large capacity feed to our Northern Transmission points in Chermside, Northlakes, and Clear Mountain.

Dual redundant backhaul to this transmission site is provided by 20Gb Dark Fibre back to our data presence in Next DC B1 and via Gigabit MMW (Millimeter Wave) Wireless redundancy back to 100 Wickham St, capacity at this site is limitless whilst offering another highly available, diverse path for customer data.

Services available from this transmission site:

  • MetroAir™ – delivering up to 10Gb/s
  • RegionAir™ – delivering up to 100Mbps

Contact your LinkOne Account Manager directly for further information on 1800 LINKONE