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Limitless Capacity with LinkOne MetroAir™

Utilizing the latest in Millimeter Wave Technology, LinkOne are delivering up to 10Gbps to any building within our MetroAir™ coverage.

About Us

Our group of companies was established in 2008, with the LinkOne network commencing construction in 2015.

LinkOne is a wholesale licensed telecommunications carrier (carrier 385) delivering solutions over a variety of hardware platforms, including fibre, copper and broadband radio data carriage systems, all connected with high performance packet switching equipment to create a single, seamless, carrier data network.

“We built LinkOne in response to the shortage of reliable high speed data connectivity in Australia.  Our network coverage now spans 14,000Km2 of the East Coast and enables more than 50 channel partners.  We see lower latency on our wireless services than some of our fibre links.  Our product is deployed in days, is coupled with very tight SLA’s and can deliver gigabits.  Our team are on the forefront of innovation and we are consistently investing to advance our network”.  Todd Maunder, CEO

LinkOne chooses its vendor partners very carefully ensuring that tight SLA’s (service level agreements) can be met. Our network infrastructure is fully redundant, utilises best-of-breed hardware and is co-located in multimillion dollar Australian data centres.

We have a reputation for innovation and effectiveness in our endeavours.

Our mission is to change the face of telecommunications in Australia through the delivery of high-speed, innovative, cost-effective, and easy to access data services.


Strategic Growth

Constructed in 2015, LinkOne has experienced phenomenal growth with over half a million businesses in coverage.

Our Network

Our Network spans over 14,000Km2 of the East Coast of Australia.

Problem Solvers

With over 50 years telecommunications experience, we ensure the right solution for your customer.

Partner Support

Stay connected with our Australian Based Support network, available 24/7.