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Limitless Capacity with LinkOne MetroAir™

Utilizing the latest in Millimeter Wave Technology, LinkOne are delivering up to 10Gbps to any building within our MetroAir™ coverage.

Service offering

LinkOne RegionAir™

Delivering independent connectivity to areas struggling on the Terrestrial networks of Australia.

LinkOne MetroAir™

Utilizing the latest in millimeter wave technology, connect to MetroAir™ to enable your business for Gigabit connectivity from the sky.

LinkOne Communities

Managed In-building Broadband Solutions, Delivered over Ethernet, VDSL and GPON technologies.

LinkOne Protected

Utilizing RegionAir™ or MetroAir™, combined with LinkOne terrestrial Fibre/Ethernet services, we will deliver a fully protected and physically diverse DR solution.

LinkOne Fibre Extension

LinkOne will fulfil the last mile through more cost effective infrastructure.

Core Features

Independent Infrastructure

LinkOne utilize multiple major carriers for Backhaul, ensuring service protection.

Rapid Deployment

With lead times of 5-10 Business days, LinkOne is leading the industry with rapid deployment for services and network expansion.


LinkOne wireless solutions are scalable with lead times of 1-2 Business Days, providing limitless functionality to your customers.

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